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"We are thrilled to have found Complete Stud Canine!! The health and maintenance of our dogs and their sperm is very important to us and Complete Stud Canine plays a key role with that.
We were using 3-4 different supplements before we found Complete Stud Canine, which turned out to be less expensive than our old regime - plus we have seen improvement in coats too!! We highly recommend Complete Stud Canine and because of the ease, affordability and results, Livewire- ETS Papillons and Easy To Spot Collies and Dalmatians will ALWAYS be on Complete Stud Canine !!"

             Daneen Fox & Julie Sandoval

Pictured below- Daneen Fox and Masher 
2014 AKC Agility Champion
2012 IFCS World Agility Championship Gold Medal Winner 2010 & 2011 World Agility Gold Medal Winners
This formula was conceived and designed after more than a decade of experience in an office with a special interest in canine reproduction. We have seen great success in combining the L Carnitines, Perna Canniliculus (New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel), and antioxidants to improve fertility* in the sub fertile stud dog. Many Theriogenologists (Veterinarians specializing in animal reproduction) recommend these supplements alone or in combination to provide the necessary nutrients to improve sperm. The specific ingredients I have chosen, have been documented as effective in boosting sperm count, improving sperm morphology, and sperm motility across several species. In addition, Complete Stud Canine is formulated in a complete vitamin and mineral, base to ensure that your dog is not deficient in any vital nutrient. 
I am so sure that you will be pleased with the results after two months of use. I offer a full 100% money back guarantee for up to 2 bottles of Complete Stud Canine. 
* Please read Canine Infertility section for further information on the possible causes of infertility. Not all dogs will experience restoration of fertility if there are certain medical conditions causing the problem. Semen analysis and examination by a veterinarian is always advised. 

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