Fibrose Prebiotic Fiber for Dogs & Cats




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Water soluble fiber supports immune and intestinal health in cats & dog.
Fibrose is a long chain polysaccharides extracted from larch trees, it 100% water soluble prebiotic for cats and dogs, helps maintain proper gut flora and boost the immune system. Fibrose, occurs naturally in most plant cell walls and supports colon health by working in the colon to activate immune cells. it promotes growth of pro-biotic bacteria (such as SBOs) in the colon and contributes to healthy microflora levels.

Carefully Selected Ingredients:

Arabinogalactan: While Arabinogalactan and its constituent parts are common in nature, the commercial extraction is taken from a Larch tree. It is a water soluble fiber and supports immune competence. Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharides containing arabinose and galactose mono-saccharides. Arabinogalactan is actively fermented by intestinal micro-flora and is effective at increasing beneficial anaerobes such as those in Pet Flora.
Prebiotics nourish microflora “probiotics” and encourage them to work more efficiently while helping new micro-flora grow, keeping your animal healthy and strong.

OK for long term use.

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