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Complete Stud Canine


This revolutionary new daily vitamin and mineral supplement is specifically formulated to improve the overall health and well being your dog. Optimum nutrition is vital to maintain your pets health and Complete Stud Canine users are real believers.   Complete Stud Canine was originally created for intact studs, but the noticeable results that users have experienced make it ideal for all dogs. Complete Stud is an advanced synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids and herbs designed to ensure that your dog is provided the nutrients it needs to perform at it’s best.
In addition to the extensive mix of vitamins, minerals and more, we have added a proprietary blend specific ingredients for improving fertility and prostate health.  Three years of research went into the selection of the ingredients for Complete Stud Canine. The formula was approved by animal nutritionists at Food Science Corporation, an NACSW approved facility and the makers of Vetriscience Nutrition products.

The ingredients that were specifically chosen for fertility in the male stud dog are actually beneficial for all dogs. For example, green lipped mussel  was chosen for it’s ability to increase sperm count but it is a very effective supplement for arthritis. Green Lipped Mussel aka Perna Canaliculus, is the active ingredient in Glycoflex made by Vetriscience.

Antioxidants are vital for detoxification. Sperm are very susceptible to oxidative stress and antioxidants can help protect them from damaging free radicals. These are the active ingredients in Cell Advance made by Vetriscience.

Carnitines are used to increase sperm motility in the stud dog, but it is a vital nutrient for heart health. They are the active ingredients in Motility Plus by Platinum Performance.

Taurine is an amino acid that is important for heart health. Deficiency in this amino acid is also a thought to be a link to Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) caused by grain free diets.

Omega fatty acids also known as essential fatty acids because they are essential to maintain life. Our Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DPA, are derived from fish oils, not flax seed. They are  provided in a 7:1  omega 3:6 ratio recommended for fertility.

The specific ingredients listed above were originally chosen to increase fertility but they also beneficial in improving the health of all pets.

Most owners feed their dogs the same dog food day in and day out. So if your dog food is deficient in Selenium or Co-enzyme Q10 the dog will quickly become deficient in those nutrients. Many of the vital nutrients in our formula, are rarely seen in other vitamin products, let alone dog food. Forty eight nutrients are included in our formula. This will help ensure that your dog will not be deficient in any nutrient.

The 315 gram bottle is a 90 day supply for a 30 pound dog. The 105 gram bottle is a 90 day supply for a 10 pound dog.

How important is your stud dog to your breeding program?
Our goal at CompleteVites is to prevent deficiencies and promote sufficiencies! We use only the finest ingredients to provide the best possible supplement for your pets.  Contains specially selected ingredients to promote healthy sperm and prostate health.
90 day supply for a 10 pound dog.

100%  Satisfaction guaranteed!! Or your money back.

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