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"We are thrilled to have found Complete Stud Canine!! The health and nutrition of our dogs and their sperm is very important to us and Complete Stud Canine plays a key role with that. 
We were using 3-4 different supplements before we found Complete Stud Canine, which turned out to be less expensive than our old regime - plus we have seen improvement in coats too!! We highly recommend Complete Stud Canine and because of the ease, affordability and results.  

Livewire- ETS Papillons and Easy To Spot Collies and Dalmatians will ALWAYS be on Complete Stud Canine !!"

             Daneen Fox & Julie Sandoval

Owners of AKC Agility Champions,  IFCS World Agility Championship Gold Medal Winners, and World Agility Gold Medal Winners, Conformation Champions and Nosework dogs.

We began to notice that we had an issue with one of our young stud dogs, litters were getting smaller and then there were no litters at all.  After a semen evaluation showed a zero  sperm count, we started with lab tests which were all negative for any infection or mycoplasma. His testicle and prostate ultrasound were clear we were desperate to find something that would work.  A friend of mine told me about Complete Stud Canine. We ordered it and have been using it for about 9 months with wonderful results. Our dogs sperm count went from 0 to a healthy count, enough to produce multiple litters of 8-10 puppies each.  My dogs coat is phenomenal and there is no more fluctuation in his weight.   We are extremely happy with the CompleteVites product and will continue to use it in our daily feeding routine.*

Laurie Schisler 
Desert Wind Chesapeakes

Simba is a Long Haired Chihuahua. He was 7 years old at the time of the first photo and about 4lbs in the photo on the left. The photo on the right was taken about 6 months later. In the second photo, he had gained 8 ounces and his coat was thick and amazing. He also suffered from occasional seizures and increased liver values. His liver values are now normal (he is eating  Royal Canin Hepatic diet). His seizures have decreased from weekly to occasionally. *

Betty White had some skin issues and pretty significant tear staining. After one month on Complete Stud Canine, her tear stain were almost completely gone.  *

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