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Complete Bitch Canine powder is a synergistic blend of nutrients designed for the high demands of the breeding bitch. The formula is very similar to the Complete Stud formula with some  adjustments targeted for the bitch and fetal development. 

Your litters’ health begins and the cellular level even before conception.

CBC was designed to optimized the health of your bitch and provide the nutrients for the development of health eggs, keep the uterus in good health and to aid in the proper development of the feti (multiple fetus’).

Healthy bitch, healthy uterus, healthy puppies! That is our sincere goal! Complete Bitch is designed to use year round. It is nutritionally correct for all dogs, male, female, spayed and neutered.  The large and small dog formulas are the same, the total weight is the only difference.

We start with a complete blend of vitamins and mineral in a hydrolyzed (hypoallergenic) chicken base. We added omega fatty acids, biotin for placenta health, folic acid- to help prevent center line defects like cleft palate and hairlip, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to help with the absorption of the nutrients.

Antioxidants are vital for detoxification. Eggs are very susceptible to oxidative stress and antioxidants can help protect them from damaging free radicals. These are the active ingredients in Cell Advance made by Vetriscience.

Carnitines are vital amino acids for heart health. They are crucial in the healthy development and maintenance of the heart muscle.  Carnitines are one of the major nutritional deficiencies linked to grain free diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy in pets.

Taurine is another amino acid that is important for heart health. Deficiency in this amino acid is also thought to be a link to Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) caused by grain free diets.

Omega fatty acids also known as essential fatty acids because they are essential to maintain life. Our Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DPA, are derived from fish oils, not flax seed. They are  provided in a 7:1  omega 3:6 ratio recommended for fertility.

The specific ingredients listed above were originally chosen to increase fertility but they also beneficial in improving the health of all pets.

Most owners feed their dogs the same dog food day in and day out. So if your dog food is deficient in Selenium or Co-enzyme Q10 the dog will quickly become deficient in those nutrients. Many of the vital nutrients in our formula, are rarely seen in other vitamin products, let alone dog food. Forty eight nutrients are included in our formula. This will help ensure that your dog will not be deficient in any nutrient.
The 315 gram bottle is a 90 day supply for a 30 pound dog. The 105 gram bottle is a 90 day supply for a 10 pound dog.

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