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CompleteVites Story


My name is Cindy Bahr. I am an animal lover and have spent my life taking care of animals. You can ask my mom about the time that I persuaded a stray dog to sleep on my front porch while she was out of town and it wouldn't let her in the house (this wasn't my first stray and I knew I wasn't allowed to put them in the yard with my dog). My love for animals led me to the creation of the CompleteVites Company. 

I attended Pepperdine University and I had a horse at the time. I was training with Randy Cano. He really allowed me to expand my passion for riding. He let me ride all the horses in the barn and spent I every possible minute there. We were very active in the Hunter/Jumper horse show circuit going to shows every weekend. Randy trained me and let me gain the experience that I needed to win the San Fernando Valley Medal finals in 1985. 


Soon, I began training and grooming horses full time for private owners at Sycamore Farms in Malibu. I had 10 horses in my care, including horses owned by George C Scott & Trish Van Der Vere, Brian Grazer, and Tony and Brian Wilson of Wilson's House of Suede and Leather.  I loved creating concoctions for the horses I trained. I would combine grains, flaxseed, bran, oils, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and other supplements. The horses loved it and they looked  amazing and performed equally as well. By combining my interest in nutrition, with my high school experience and training for Track and Field, my horses and dogs were in the best condition physically and they always attracted attention in a crowd.  


A few years later, Eric (my now-husband) and I began buying, training and showing horses from the racetrack for resale. We continued that for several years until we married. And then there were kids.  


After I had children, I started my career as the practice manager at a a veterinary hospital in California with a special interest in canine reproduction. The hospital where I work sees a large percentage of reproductive cases and I have been trained in the management of canine reproduction. With specialized  testing and treatment, the hospital has had good success in resolving many fertility issues in our patients.

I am very active in the medical side of the practice researching for the doctors and communicating directly with the clients. Whenever an unusual case comes up, I help the doctors find the latest medications, treatments and diets that may help the condition.  I have always taken an interest in looking for every possible way to treat difficult problems whether it is a medication, nutritional supplement, vitamin, Chinese herb or a dietary change. This desire for answers is what led to my new endeavor, I have seen amazing results with some of the nutritional supplements that I have researched and I don't plan to stop.. I love animals and want all of them to be around healthy and happy for as long as possible!